Friday – June 9, 2017

Dear son,

I wanted to write sooner once we returned from Hawaii, but I figured it best to keep to the schedule of writing on Friday.

So yes, we have returned and I have to admit, it was a nice break for your mom and I, but every corner we turned while we were in Hawaii we thought of you.  Not going to go into too much detail about Hawaii, as I think we would return as a family when you are older.  Hopefully the good food places are still there, and you would get the chance to try some surfing.  Your old man sucks at it, your mom is more respectable.  But I’ve decided to not put myself through that torture again, but if you and your mom wants to go surfing, I would be more than happy to watch from the beach.

Your grandparents gave us daily updates of you while we were gone.  It made us sad to find out upon return that your cough has come back.  Maa-Maa Yea-Yea told us to bring some medicine for you when we went to pick you up, but your poa-poa said we should see the doctor.  When we asked for more detail, your poa-poa said you were fine.  You will find out quickly that your grandparents understate the truth to not have us worry.  I do think you will see that when you get older.

We were jetlagged from our red-eye flight, surprisingly I was not as tired as your mom on the Tuesday morning of our return date.  So I decided to put away all the luggage and clothes before we picked you up to hide any traces we were away.  I just didn’t want you to think that we have left at all (which is a lie, I know) or that we are going somewhere with you.  After all was done, we went to pick you up.

When we got to poa-poa’s place, maa-maa yea-yea was there already.  The jetlag now hit me, so I was a little slow in getting upstairs to see you.  I didn’t see your first reaction when we returned, but from the sounds, it seems you were quite excited.  When I got upstairs, I asked your mom how you were and whether we had to visit the doctor.  The answer was yes, so I left a voicemail to the doctor for an appointment.

Once that was settled, I finally had the opportunity to give you a proper hug.  First thing I noticed was your nails were so filthy.  I guess your grandparents didn’t bother cutting your nails.  What was worse, they had you bundled up in very thick, non-breathable fleece clothing.  The weather in Toronto turned cold the last few days, and with your cough, they thought you were cold.  So they decided to bundle you up as if it was freezing outside.  I think it was because you were so hot, and not having a proper shower, you were itchy.   So with your long nails, you scratched yourself quite bad and your back and legs had little scratch marks.  If I didn’t know any better, it looked like you got whipped while you were gone.

Then, your grandparents told us a concerning story.  The day we left, poa-poa saw your face was a little red.  She asked you what happened, and you said “suk suk da” (uncle hit) followed with the action of your hand hitting your face.  I was not sure how to interpret this.  First, in your daycare, everyone there is a woman.  You know the word for woman (“Jea-Jea”), so if they hit you you would of stated that.  But suk-suk is confusing.  Your mom and I guest you either saw a dad hit their kid at daycare or saw something on TV.  Whatever the case maybe, when I got you the Tuesday night before our trip, you weren’t opposed to staying at daycare.  Leads me to believe it’s not the daycare, but something else.  Funny thing is, this time your grandparents did not understate the significance of this, and made it a point to ensure we know about it and monitor it.  I think the reason they were extra cautious because they just don’t trust other people.

Each grandparent then proceeded to talk about the events which happened while we were gone.  Most of it were happy stories, but I think your grandparents don’t think it was a good idea we left you.  So I don’t think that would happen again.

After this, maa-maa yea-yea left and we had dinner at poa-poa’s.  You did not want to eat, as usual.  You have become quite a food critic and to be honest poa-poa’s meal that night was quite subpar.  But you never not eat, it’s rude.  As you were not eating, we just packed everything up and brought you home to give you a proper shower.

Honestly, I think you just missed home.  Once you got home, you were back to your usual self, making noises, running around.  When we got you a nice shower, you were even more refreshed.  I don’t blame you, those fleece clothing should only be left for the winter.  Seeing how happy you were coming home, it’s hard to leave you again.

The next day, your mom got the day off so she took you to see the doctor.  Hoping for the best, I assumed it was nothing to be worried about.  Of course, good news don’t run in the family and we find out that you may have childhood asthma, like me.   Apparently it’s genetics, sorry.  Well, I know like me, you will grow out of it.  At least that is what I’ll tell myself so as to not feel as guilty for my weak genetics.

In the afternoon, you went to play with Brody in the park.  Since I had to pick up your medicine, and your mom had to cook.  I decided to get you from the park, and we can hang out at Costco while your mom cooks.  When we got to costco, you were very obedient and not running around too much.  You held my finger and just walked where I walked.   While we waited for your prescription to be filled, you had so much fun watching the mechanics change tired.  It never ceases to amaze me how fascinated you are with the little things.  All in all, I had a wonderful time at Costco, and really enjoyed these father-son times.

One day, I know, you will not want to hang out with me.  All you will want from me is money and a ride.  That is the reality.  As much as I hate that idea, I know it’s a transition in life we all go through.  I went through that with yea-yea as well. So though it’ll be frustrating, I will love you just the same.  And when one day, you have kids of your own, you will come to appreciate all that I went through for you, like all that yea-yea went through for me.






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