Friday June 23, 2017

Dear son,

This week you grown a lot.  Your speech development improved significantly and can string simple sentences together.  I am surprised actually when you tell me what you want.  However, it’s funny as well.  I know you know what you want to say, but you don’t have the vocabulary to say it.  As a result, you do one of two things, (1) stutter as you try to force the word out and (2) say some jibberish and then laugh.  I think both are very adorable.  The jibberish part is especially entertaining as you would entertain yourself with your new found skill.

As you grow, I also find you to be quite a practical joker, and be amused with very little things.  For example, you would point to my white shirts and call it “fan-fan” (rice), and then when we look at it and tell you it’s not, you would laugh.  In your mind, you must think that “haha, I fooled you.”  When you laugh, we laugh with you.  Your joy and happiness is our joy and happiness and we want you to be joyful and happy always.

On a positive note this week, your cough has gotten better.  As always, once I think that something happens.  Summer has started, and you love going outside.  Luckily we got a park right behind our house and you just want to go to the park.  Your mom and I found the best thing to do to get you to sleep at night is to spend all your energy.  At home, the amount of energy expenditure is limited, so we try to take you outside.  Wednesday was  a beautiful day for such activity.  It was, however, windy.  It wasn’t cold winds, just windy.  I thought, as I was not cold, you should be either.  So you ran around the park in your t-shirt.  Guess what happened?  Yup, you guessed it, started coughing again.  Fail.  The cough was not too bad, which is reassuring, but seeing you constantly cough like this, we can only imagine how your health would hold up when you grow older.  Your dad has learned his mistake, you will be wearing a jacket from now on.

Lastly, this week, you been especially excited to see me.  So much so, you started biting me.  (Your mom bites me, because she says it’s love bite.)  Although I don’t let your mom bite me, I let you, because whatever you do is cuteness in my eyes.  Honestly, I love how you are excited to see me, and how you are excited to play with me.  I am a low energy person, so I need a lot of coffee.  In order to maintain a high energy level with you, I started drinking coffee in the afternoon to have enough energy at night to play with you.  It may not be as great for my health, but it’s worth it.  I just try to manage it, by not drinking coffee in the morning… sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

This week has been quite calm, which is always a good thing.  I can’t wait to see you grow and starting talking to us.  It’s a happy thing as well as a sad thing.  Happy because you are growing, and sad because you are growing.

Love always,



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