Friday June 30, 2017

Dear son,

Guess what?  You are coughing again.  I hate shooting myself in the foot, but I do it often.  Last week, I mentioned you have stopped coughing.  Just as it seems we are over the hump, it turned cold suddenly Tuesday.  That night, you coughed.  Then it got worse Wednesday.  Back on the puffers you go.

Luckily (crossing my fingers I don’t shoot myself in the foot again), your cough got better yesterday as you stayed at home with poa-poa all day.  Your poa-poa is confused why you are always sick.  Your mom never got sick as a child, but for some reason once there’s a little change in the weather, you’d get sick.  That only means one thing, along with the asthma you inherited, you also inherited my weak immune system.  Sorry, again.  Though you inherited much of my bad genes, I do hope you inherit some good ones such as being a hardworker, not being spoiled, being responsible… (I know those are not genes, but meh).

Last night, your mom went out with auntie Jen.  So, it was you, me and poa-poa.  While poa-poa washed the dishes, we got to spend some father-son time.  We first played with your cars, but afterwards, we did some drawing.  I think it was exciting for you because we don’t do much drawing at home, and all you do is run around all day.  You were very excited drawing, and we spend time outlining the cars which you had.  You loved it, and I loved it.  Running around is exhausting for me… I mean you are not even half my height, and bending down constantly wears me out.  But drawing, we can both do.  One issue is we currently don’t have the right set-up, but we’ll figure it out.  Got to remember to buy you some crayons and what not for you use.

Oh, I forgot to mention, last weekend we took you to Canada’s wonderland.  I apologize in advance.  The weather was not looking too good, but based on the weather forecast, rains were expected to hold out until 1pm.  With that in mind, we went.  We got you on one ride, the train ride, which you loved and we waited for the next ride which was treetop helicopter.  Gosh the lines were long.  We waited for almost half an hour, and right when we were at the front, thunderstorm warning.  The fun weekend at Canada’s wonderland was cut short.  You saw all those fun things you can do and you just wanted to do it, but you weren’t allowed to.  Honestly, I felt quite bad… I’ll make it up to you somehow, I promise.

As always, I love the father son time we have.  When you want me to play with you, it melts my heart.  I love you so much.  Always stay cheerful!

Love always,



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