Friday July 7, 2017

Dear son,

It’s days like this I wonder to myself, will you ever stay healthy?  Last week you were started coughing and over the weekend you developed a fever which kept you home from daycare.  Your fever went away Wednesday, and just when we thought we were in the clear, your chest, back and face started to grow little red dots.  Not sure what it is, but it maybe a heat rash because your maa-maa yea-yea took you outside to play yesterday probably all bundled up (since we are asian) and you reacted to your sweat. Hopefully it’s nothing, but at this point, I’m not optimistic.  (I figured if I’m not optimistic, I won’t be disappointed with whatever the outcome is).

So this past weekend was Canada 150th birthday.  The Ontario government paid $120,000 for a 30 foot rubber duck to sit at the harbor front.  Given that your mom and I would never see a duck like this probably in our lifetime.  We decided to go and see it.  From what we read, there was activities as well, so we thought it would be a great family adventure.

Turns out, it was quite disappointing.  First of all, there is absolutely no room for your stroller (and no, we are not letting you run around… what if you jump into the lake?) and there were no activities, just food stalls.  The rubber duck was big, and that was really the only highlight of the duck.  Of course, we were obliged to take a selfie and we got some great family shots.  So I guess there was more to just the height that was the highlight.

Of course, you being you, don’t care about the duck.  All you cared about were trucks… in particular fire trucks.  There was a fire station near by which opened their doors, and one fire truck for visitors to sit in and take pictures.  Of course, this was the highlight of your day.  You were so excited to have a chance to sit in the fire truck, we went and sat in it twice… we would of went again, but it was getting late.  Since there was a line to get into the truck, while I waited, you and mom went to look at the other fire truck in the station.  You loved describing that the other fire truck was “sleeping” and kept pointing to it.  When the fire engine turned on their lights and siren, you were absolutely thrilled. I don’t blame you, I mean you see fire trucks on TV and you have fire truck toys, but seeing one real life, it would be like your dad meeting Michael Jordan (you may need to google who he is when you read this).

Anyway, that was the week.  We went to see a duck and you got sick.  Let’s hope next week is more eventful, or at least you are not sick.  🙂

Love always,



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