Friday July 14, 2017

Dear son,

Goodness, there is always something to write.  Whenever I write to you, I figured one of these weeks, it’s going to be a two-liner with no real happenings.  I am mixed about whether that’s a good thing or bad thing.  Sometimes I rather have a short update (which has not happened yet!) than having to tell you what happened to you.  Nonetheless, let’s begin with what happened to you this past week… more specifically what happened last night.

As you know, you have been waking up in the middle of the night constantly ever since your mom and I returned from Hawaii.  I feel it’s some sort of revenge you are exacting on us for leaving you to go to Hawaii ourselves.  Regardless, the only way we find which helps to have you sleep through the night is to let you cry it out when you wake up.  We are often very careful when you do cry, because you have shown the ability to climb out of your crib.  However, you have yet to climb out with the sleep sack on.  The drop is not too high, but it’s worrisome nonetheless.

This week started like every other week, and you cried in the middle of the night on Tuesday night.  (It is worthy to note, you didn’t wake up Monday, but your dad couldn’t sleep well that night… so it’s a lost for me).  We let you cry it out because your poa-poa will be coming over Wednesday night, and she will not let you cry.   On Wednesday, you again woke up in the middle of the night.  It was my mistake, but I forgot to your poa-poa that she should not get you and let you cry it out.  So you cried 3 times that night, and she got your 3 times.  Your mom was so upset, she tried to tell your poa-poa that she has to let you cry it out.  Your poa-poa of course would not let that happen. She said you were thirsty and worried you were sick.  Well it’s not unreasonable since last time she stayed over you were sick… sigh.  As usual, when you wake up, we all wake up.  So your mom woke up three times, and progressively got more upset each time.  She knew that by your poa-poa getting you, she is indirectly given you the ability to call for us by crying.  Your mom loves her sleep… or needs her sleep.  When she’s cranky, it’s bad news for all of us.  You’ll understand when you are married.

So last night, we told your poa-poa to not get you.  I was prepared to let you cry it out as well as wake up in the middle of the night to block her in case she gets soft.  As expected, you wake up at 2:55ish.  I wake up immediately.  I use the washroom before acting as a roadblock.  Your mom saw glimpse of you climbing out and she was worried.  You didn’t climb out and lied back down on your bed.  This was when I came out of the washroom.  I proceeded towards the hallway and realized I left my phone in the room.  So I went back into the room, pick up the phone and wait outside the hallway.  As I leave our room, I hear a thump coming from your room.  I feared the worse.  And it was the worse.  You climbed out and fell on to the ground.  I quickly get you and hug you, your mom comes running in afterwards.  She was worried you had a concussion because you were shaking a little bit.  So we had to turn on the light and check if you were okay, which you were.  I think you were shaking because you were shocked from the fall.

Since you did climb out, your mom didn’t want you back in the crib.  So we moved your crib mattress onto the ground beside the crib and tried to get you to sleep there.  I think the environment was new, so you didn’t sleep on the ground.  The struggle lasted for 2 hours, and your mom was to the point of tears (she was in tears actually) because you wouldn’t sleep.  Ultimately, she caved and we put you back into the crib just so you would sleep.  We figure we’ll come up with a solution tonight.

So that was the story.  I guess we’ll have to see what to do tonight.  Sigh,

Love always,



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