Friday July 21, 2017

Dear son,

Today is a tough write.  You have been an absolute nightmare to us this past week.  You don’t even know, because everything is fun and games for you everyday, but ever since last week, you have not slept through the night.  Typically, you wake up once, but now you are waking up three/four times a night.  Of course, we are afraid that you are scared because of the fall, so we come and get you.  When we get you, we don’t sleep, we just watch you, while you get to sleep.  By the time we do sleep, you wake up again.  It’s demoralizing and exhausting when we go to bed, we know we won’t be sleeping.  Suffice to say, we are frustrated.

Luckily, last night your poa-poa came, and she woke up to get you instead of us.  Finally, we got to sleep through the night, it was beautiful.  I feel so refreshed.  But tonight is a new battle.  We decided this weekend, you will cry it out.  We are not going to get you, and we know you can’t get out of your crib, so you can cry all you want, but no one is coming.

I know this sounds cruel, and in many ways it is.  But a little pain for long term gain is worth it.  Gain for us, cause we sleep, and gain for you cause you learn to sleep again throughout the night.  This will come in handy when you move to a bigger bed.

Love always (you are just making it a little more difficult this week :)),



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