Monday July 31, 2017

Dear son,

I missed writing Friday.  Surprisingly work has been busy.  I started this blog to kill time, but last week, work was busy resulting in my missed entry Friday.

The good news is, nothing crazy happened last week.  This is a huge relief.  Okay, so you weren’t sleeping through the night last week, but your mom and I mustered the courage required and let you cry it out starting Friday of the week before last week.   You cried and cried, and from the monitor is actually looks quite sad.  You would point to the door hoping someone would come, but no one did.  The first night, after almost an hour of crying, you finally calm down and went to bed.  The next morning when you woke up, you were happy as can be.  It’s as if nothing happened.

Once we saw that, we knew you were fine.  So we kept this up for the whole week.  One hiccup we did encounter was last Monday, during your crying spell, you actually cried so hard you threw up.  I think that night you ate too much rich and didn’t chew your strawberries.  How do I know this, because I had to clean up your puke.  I thought my gag reflexes were quite good, since I don’t gag when changing your diaper.  But puke clean up is something different.  That acid smell… blah.

Anyway, that night was a long night, because your mom and I were on high alert since you threw up all over you sleep sack.  So when you went back to bed, you didn’t have your sleep sack.  If you woke up again, we worried you would climb out.  Luckily, you didn’t climb out.   But you still woke up one time.

We found that you need to wake up at least once.  If we don’t get you, and you calm yourself down, you won’t wake up again.  If we give in, then you will wake up again.

Finally, this past weekend, you slept through the night.  What a relief. But, not sure if it was some kind of regression, but you woke up crying last night again.  Not sure why, but your mom and I stuck to the plan and let you cry it out.

So this was the past week update, sleep RE-training.  I hope this is the last time we do this.

Love always,



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