Friday August 4, 2017

Dear son,

It’s funny sometimes what you find amusing.  Lately as part of your night routine, you need me to do a light show (where I shine the iphone light against your tent, and I use your toys to make shadows), then you want me to end with some stories.

Now this would be interesting, if I made it interesting.  Mostly, I don’t.  Frankly, ducking into your tent is difficult, and it’s very hot.  I usually do this after my shower, so it’s not very comfortable to sweat after a shower.  Therefore, when I do it, I typically do a half-ass job at it.  It started off as a good idea, where I put your teddy bear and other things there and pretend they are speaking to you.  Then I try to use these dolls to build a story.  That all happened the first time I did it.  Since then I’ve just put these objects in there that you wanted.  I usually do this for 10-15 mins with the grand finale with me eating all your dolls… I know it’s cruel.

Afterwards, you want me to tell you stories.  Since you are fascinated with cars, I let you choose the what car you want to talk about.  You usually want to hear about “dai dai che” (big car).  So I talk about dai dai che.  The premise of each story is the car of your choosing goes through the daily routine which you go through (ie. wake up, eat breakfast, play, etc).  These cars also eat the same food you eat.  At the end of the story, I say the car needs to go to sleep and makes this noise “Shhh shhh shh” and I see if you want me to tell you another story.  Usually you want to hear two and then you are quite content to go to sleep.  While I’m quite content to go on my phone and watch my shows.

What is funny, as I mention is how you find it so amusing.  I have to say, it’s really boring stuff.  Telling you stories makes me fall asleep, that’s how bad it is.  But you love it.  And since you love it, I love doing it.

I hope you never grow tired of my stories,

Love always,



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