Friday August 11, 2017

Dear son,

So we went blueberry picking with your aunts (your mom’s friends) and uncles (their husbands) the past Sunday.  You had a blast.  The wide open space and the freedom to pick and drop whatever you want.  I knew you would love it.  Although you were quite naughty in the morning, add on the fact that your mom was super frustrated compounded the problem.  Nonetheless, we still made it to the farm and enjoyed the half hour we were there to pick blueberries.

Of course with all nature’s outing there is a chance you would get sick.  And of course you did.  It started with a little cough Sunday, but it turned on to a full cough Monday.  Your demeanor was good, but you just kept coughing.  We had to give you a few pumps of the asthma medicine and keep you at home from school Tuesday.  Then luckily, your coughs stopped and you have been getting better.  Whew.

The struggle with you is you love the outdoors.  But you can’t handle the outdoors, yet.  It’s tough, but we decided to just go outdoors, a little coughing won’t hurt.

Now that you are talking, it is quite amusing how you narrate your life.  What you are doing, where you are going and what everyone else is doing.  I can see when you don’t know a word and you just stop and look at it and find something you know how to say.  In fact, you love books where you know all the words of the pictures.

Also, you started repeating what everyone says.  I don’t know if you know what everything means, but in time those little brain nerves will connect and open you to the endless possibility of communication.

In the meantime, we enjoy you being cute :).

Love always,



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